Hello, I'm Kigyo. I'm a philosophy and computer science student who makes games in his spare time.

I like mixing dark themes with a cool aesthetic and sense of humor.

If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me with a commission. I currently offer visual novel sprites, pixel art, and chibis.


Artificial Selection is an escape game/mystery visual novel and my main project at the moment.
It follows the story of a young man who is accused of being a criminal but can't remember what he did.

Robot Daycare was my entry for NaNoRenO 19. A group of college students takes care of a young robot. Things turn sweet or horrifying depending on your choices.
A remake is currently in progress.

Deep Sea Valentine was my entry for My First Game Jam 2019, and a commercial remake has since been published.
It's a Girl x Girl RPG/dating sim where you help a (humanoid) pink dolphin find a date for Valentine's Day.


I specialize in art for visual novels or RPGs, but feel free to request things for personal use (phone wallpaper, server emotes, social media icon, etc).

Click on the images below for details.

prices listed are for personal or non-commercial usefor commercial use, payment will be negotiated depending on your budget / size of the projectpayment upfront via https://ko-fi.com/kigyodevplease credit me somehowup to 3 revisions are free

I won't draw:
nsfw (revealing outfits and underwear are ok)gore (scratches and blood are ok)detailed muscles, furry, or heavy armorbackgrounds

Twitter: @KigyoDevDiscord: kigyo#2564Email: [email protected]

A Steam page is coming soon! Until then, this serves as a placeholder.

Saeva, a socially anxious teenager, finds himself trapped in a building along with 13 other young adults. They are all accused of being criminals and are told the only way to escape is by proving their worth and potential for improvement.

Saeva is fairly confident he's innocent, but can the same be said about everyone else?

Full Game: TBA

Three perpetually bickering college students team up to create an AI, but will their quest for a robotic child end up as a crash course in parenting or self-defense?

Discover the secret this group of "friends" is hiding and choose if you want to help them forgive and forget... or fuel the conflict.

Remake Release: TBA

It's Valentine's Day, and the flirtatious pink dolphin Inia is looking for a last-minute date. However, her best friend is tired of Inia settling for random strangers. She has to prove that they're a worthwhile candidate!

Can you help Inia find a date that lives up to her friend's standards?

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